Hi guys! Finally! I’ve been working on this portion of my San Diego guide for almost an entire year now. I’ve been to tons of restaurants and cafes and I’ve gathered for you some (this is obviously a guide that is a work-in-progress) of my FAVORITE places to go to! *please note, this is all based on my opinion and not a sponsored post* So glad that I can finally share with you guys all the places I go to get all my munchies!

Café Gratitude (Vegan/American)

  • Vegan Nachos  are hands down my favorite. I went an entire week where all I thought about were the nachos.
  • The enchiladas are so yummy!
  • Casual
  • Key lime pie
  • Iced matcha latte


Darband Fifth Avenue Grill (Persian)

  • Hummus
  • Koobideh Kabob and the Sirloin Kabobs are my two favorite!
  • Shirazi Salad is so simple and tangy I love!
  • Casual hole in the wall

Herb and Eatery (American)

  • Great for lunch/brunch
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that i’m literally here EVERY weekend!
  • Casual
  • Poke Salad is freaking HUGE!
  • Maple Croissant Sandwich is a must!
  • They have fresh baked pastries and I love their donuts and cinnamon rolls!

Herb and Wood (American)

  • This place has the same owner as Herb and Eatery and is located in the back. It’s gorgeous inside and opens only in the evening time for dinner. I did a photoshoot here because the interior is simply just STUNNING!
  • Dressy
  • Reservations required
  • Crispy Potatoes are a must
  • Gnocchi oxtail
  • Mushroom and Truffle Pizza (obviously I LOVE the pizza there. See below for evidence).

Craft & Commerce (Gastropub)

  • Casual/Dressy Casual
  • Ask for the hidden Tiki Bar located in the back! (You can make a reservation here… otherwise, be prepared to stand)
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Korean Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Fried Quail with Mac n’ cheese (amazing)
  • Lay Lady Lay cocktail
  • Rochelle Rochelle cocktail
  • I describe this place as “Taxidermy at it’s finest.” If you go there, you’ll see why.
  • Open seating available outside with fire pits

Barbusa (Italian)

  • Dressy/Semi-Casual
  • Reservations recommended
  • Truffle Pasta with Mushrooms
  • It’s located in Little Italy so I would suggest Ubering!

 Queenstown Public House (New Zealand)

  • Great for lunch/dinner/brunch
  • Reservations recommended
  • Casual
  • French Toast (HUGE portion!)

Bencotto Italian Kitchen (Italian)

  • Reservations recommended
  • Dressy casual
  • Tagliatelle al nero di sepia (ONLY thing I order from here)
  • Fresh pasta is made daily here

Monello Italian Restaurant (Italian)

  • If you can’t get into Bencotto, go next door to Monellos (same owner)
  • Dressy casual
  • They have the pasta in the wheel here!
  • Anything is delicious

(Pictures of Monello’s from Yelp)


  • Great gelato! Need I say more?

Little Italy Farmers Market

  • Saturdays in Little Italy
  • From 9 am-2 pm
  • Tons of great food venders
  • I love buying fresh flowers and the yummy fruit drinks!
  • Affordable fresh flowers

Civico 1845 (Italian)

  • Has tons of vegan options!
  • I always order the Pappardelle Brasato. The Short Rib Ragu is to die for!
  • Located in Little Italy so parking is difficult. Uber!

Alexanders North Park (Italian)

  • The Linguine Vongole (I’m drooling just thinking about it! Oh my gosh… They amount of flavor in this dish is AMAZING).

S3 Coffee Bar (Coffee/Tea)

  • I mean… There’s a reason why they have a five star rating on YELP! Not only is the owner super sweet but the drinks are so yummy and IG worthy!
  • I love the Rose Gold Latte (iced) and the acai bowls are super yummy

Phuong Trang (Vietnamese)

  • This is Mike and I’s favorite Vietnamese restaurant! It’s our go-to place when we’re looking for quick and delicious Vietnamese food.
  • You have to get the “Nem Nuong” rolls and the Spare ribs! So yummy

Facing East (Taiwanese/Chinese Fusion)

  • I’ve been here three times now and I’m so addicted!
  • Get the colorful xiao long bao- They’re all different colors and flavors.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, you need to get one of their shakes! So IG worthy!
  • Also, the dumplings in chili sauce are like flavor-town kapow!

R&B Crawfish Lounge (Vietnamese)

  • There is only ONE thing you need to get when you come here…
  • Fresh crawfish, mussels, and sausage (pick your sauce- I pick the spicy one! So much garlic… So delicious)

Tasty Noodle House (Chinese)

  • I haven’t had anything here I DID NOT like.
  • Favorites include: xiao long bao, eggplant and basil dish, ground pork with noodles, Shanghai grilled pork buns (8 buns that are incredibly filling)
  • I come here all the time! Expect to wait though… There is never NOT a line.

Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ (Japanese)

  • It’s casual and so delicious!
  • I don’t really know what I order here… I just usually point and they bring out a ton of different meats and veggie you cook yourself.
  • Tip: The restaurant is smoky so don’t wear your favorite jacket here without smelling like it when you leave.
  • Totally order the kimchi and Kobe Beef!!!

Bing Haus (Dessert/Coffee/Tea)

  • The soft-serve here is so delicious! The vanilla has just enough sweetness and the Bing-Soo in the watermelon is sooooo tasty! There’s ice cream, watermelon, fruity pepples, fresh mocha, red bean, and condensed milk.

Tacos El Panson (Mexican)

  • This hole in the wall is literally the best thing in San Diego.
  • The tortillas are so fluffy and I’ve never had anything like it in my LIFE! We come
  • I always get the chorizo, adobada, and carne asada tacos.
  • Favorite TACOS in San Diego! The only reason I don’t have photos is because I usually devour everything before I even think about photos LOL.
  • Just check out their Yelp! and see for yourself!

Tacos El Gordo (Mexican)

  • The adobada here is seriously the BEST! Plus, it’s open super late!
  • Order the side of green onions and jalapeño peppers! It’s FREE!

Copa Vida (Coffee/Tea)

  • I love the matcha latte (iced), mocha with almond milk (iced) and the chorizo hash is my favorite! The avocado toast is so a must!
  • I come here pretty often because I love the ambiance, coffee/food, and staff. The space consists of tall ceilings and it opens out into the street so you get a ton of fresh air here!
  • Great if you’re looking for a place to work from your laptop!

Minou (French)

  • Ok… You guys! I’m obsessed with anything Parisian and stepping in here is like stepping out of San Diego, and stepping into Paris.
  • The décor, Cardamom latte, and French onion soup are my favs!

BESHOCK Ramen (Japanese)

  • The Spicy Miso Ramen and the Rainbow rolls are my favorites! The broth is just so flavorful and the Rainbow roll is so fresh (and beautiful).

Extraordinary Desserts (Dessert/Coffee/Tea)

  • Where do I even begin? I don’t have a go-to here. However, I GO-TO here all the time. They change up their gorgeous desserts all the time so I always try to pick something new every time I go.
  • There’s usually always a long line here as well so plan for that!

Liberty Station Market

  • Great food hall located in Liberty Station!
  • There’s usually live music playing on the weekends and tons of food vendors located inside.
  • I love the lobster rolls here!

Communal Coffee (Coffee/Tea/Flowers)

  • Coffee and Flowers? Like how GENIUS is this idea? I love coming here for their Salted Caramel latte (iced) and the avocado toast (add egg) is just simply delish!
  • Native Poppy is also located inside. They make the most beautiful floral arrangements there!
  • If you’re looking for that Instagram worthy place, I highly recommend coming here!


Lofty Coffee (Coffee/Tea)

  • I love this place! Located right in Little Italy and has great coffee.
  • Open seating area great for pups!
  • They have house-made almond and coconut milk as well!


MNGO Café (Dessert/Coffee/Tea)

  • I just discovered this place and my god is it DELISH!
  • It’s like Mango heaven! My favorite dessert was the OMG!
  • It’s two doors down from Phuong Trang so you can go to both places!


Bahn Thai (Thai)

  • Expect to wait in line! It goes by fast and there are only a few tables!
  • The wait is so worth it. This place is so authentic and EVERYTHING is so tasty.
  • My favorites include the chicken satay, pad thai, and the drunken noodles.
  • If you’re a fan of chili, buy a small jar of their homemade chili oil! I have large jar in my fridge and I’m obsessed.

Cafe Bassam (Coffee/Tea)

  • ICED CHAI TEA LATTES! Seriously the best i’ve ever had. I opt for the nonfat milk and it’s still just as amazing with less calories!

Ini Tea (bubble tea/Chinese)

  • This is a great little bubble tea shop with great food!
  • Mikes favorite is the peppered steak with onions and corn
  • My favorite is the spicy popcorn chicken and beef stew with noodles!

The Lions Share (Bar/American)

  • I came here for my birthday and I absolutely loved it!
  • It’s a quirky little bar with super unique decor inside.
  • I loved everything I ordered!


Herringbone (Seafood)

  • The food here is on the pricier side but my goodness!
  • The interior is so stunning! There are lit tree’s scattered throughout the restaurant. Seriously so so dreamy!
  • It’s perfect for date night!
  • Don’t forget to get the chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Well that’s it for now folks. I need to go and work on my second list of the best foodie places now! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave me a message in the Comment section! I’d love to hear what you guys are interested in seeing! I’m so lucky to be living in a city that’s filled with tons of charming and delicious restaurants. I hope you guys find this helpful! Bye for now!