Hey guys! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys! Last week, I was invited to go to Spa Kingston for a Valentine’s Day body treatment and facial. Let me tell you… It was seriously AMAZING. No, this is not sponsored. This is 100% my honest opinion about my little spa day experience.

Spa Kingston
is located in Bankers Hill, San Diego. They are a day-spa specializing in everything from body treatments, facials, to body-hair removal. The atmosphere of the spa is very relaxing and dare I say it? “Instagram Worthy!” I was instantly drawn to all the crystals that adorned the spa and the big white flower wall that’s located in the waiting area. Spa Kingston is basically spa GOALS.

So last Wednesday I came to Spa Kingston not knowing what I was getting myself into. As far as pampering goes, I’ve had a few massages in the past and one facial maybe about two years ago? My last facial experience wasn’t anything to brag about so I guess that’s why I haven’t had one since. When I arrived, I was greeted by a group of friendly faces. They helped checked me in and got me settled in for my treatments.

Prior to starting, the guest coordinator let me pick one of three different essential oils as a form of aromatherapy. Honestly, I liked all of them but I ended up picking “Amour Universél” scent. All body oil scents are by Epicuren Discovery. Afterwards, they took me to the back room where the lights were dimmed (if I sat there long enough I could have EASILY fallen asleep) and another staff member greeted me with a glass of rosé. Everyone was so extremely accommodating to the point that when my glass of rosé wasn’t cold anymore, I was brought another glass. I’ve never seen such customer service!

                                                                             Photo courtesy of Spa Kingston


After waiting a few minutes, my massage therapist Chantel brought out a rose footbath for me. The water was warm, bubbly, and filled with rose petals. It was so heavenly. This is the type of stuff you see in magazines and on television but it was nice to actually get treated like a Princess in real life. Oh! and I almost forgot the neck pillow. She brought out this warm scented neck pillow. Seriously? Is this real life?

She let me hang out and relax for about ten minutes before taking me to the back for my “Cocoa Decadence” body treatment, an exclusive February body treatment. Chantel began by gently dry brushing my body with a body brush (which you get to take home after the treatment) to remove any dead skin and to prepare it for the mask. The brushing felt so nice. She was very gentle and guided me through the entire process. After the brushing came the “Chocolate Créme Hydrating Mask,” a decadent mask filled with antioxidants and oils that smelled exactly like a chocolate cake. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted chocolate after Chantel massaged the mask on me. During the treatment, Chantel gave me a nice little massage, which could have easily put me to sleep, but I managed to stay awake so I can tell you guys about it. Afterwards, she wiped my body down with a warm towel and proceeded with the rose body massage during which she gave me a soothing scalp massage. The entire treatment lasted about 90 minutes, which was not enough for me! I wanted to stay under the covers forever. That was my first body brushing experience and I can say that it is most definitely not my last. I’ve never been one to really care about my skin but why shouldn’t I? It’s only the largest organ in your body!

After the treatment was over, I ended up staying under the covers for several more minutes. It was just warm I couldn’t bring myself to get up. Chantel made me feel so comfortable and told me to stay there for as long as I needed. When I got up, she had a fluffy robe hanging for me by the door. I put it on and proceeded to the waiting room again. They had a plethora of goodies for you to sip and munch on such as raspberries, strawberries, chocolate, champagne, fruit infused water, and various herbal teas.

Next is the facial! I’m going to be completely real with you guys. I was so relaxed at this point that I barely remember what happened during my facial. My esthetician, Lie Lani talked to me briefly about my skin prior to starting. I expressed that my skin is more on the dry side so she told me that products we were going to be using was going to really help. Once the steam hit my face, I started to doze off. I remember her doing a few extractions on my cheek, chin, and nose but she was so gentle it didn’t really bother me. I tend to get a little bit of build-up on my nose area so I wanted her to really get in there! Continuing with the February Specials, Lie Lani gave me the most exquisite “Rosé Radiance” facial. This 60-minute facial began with a rose exfoliation followed by a Bulgarian Rose Otto, used to give my skin a “dewy complexion.” She finished off by massaging the same Chocolate Créme Hydrating Mineral Mask that was used during my body treatment. It was so nice I seriously couldn’t stay awake. After the facial, my skin felt so soft, subtle, and clean! I didn’t want to put makeup on for days.

After the facial, Lie Lani met me at the front desk and gave me various recommendations that she thought would work well for me at home. If you are curious about Epicuren or some of the products that was used on me, head over to Spa Kingston! You can shop all sorts of fun skincare products along with candles, and body oils.

I had such an incredible experience at Spa Kingston and I want to share it with all of you! They were kind enough to set me up with a special discount code to share with you guys! If you’re looking to get pampered, or if you’re looking for a special gift for that special person in your life, I highly recommend coming here. Use code “BlushroseSK” for 10% off your first service! The staff and service are both out of this world and I couldn’t have been happier. It was three hours of pure bliss I tell yah! I loved it so much that I made an appointment for Mike to come here for a deep tissue massage. He really enjoyed his massage as well so we will both definitely be back soon!


Don’t forget ya’ll! Use code “BlushroseSK” for 10% off your first service! <3