Hey guys! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys! Last week, I was invited to go to Spa Kingston for a Valentine’s Day body treatment and facial. Let me tell you… It was seriously AMAZING. No, this is not sponsored. This is 100% my honest opinion about my little spa day experience.

Spa Kingston
is located in Bankers Hill, San Diego. They are a day-spa specializing in everything from body treatments, facials, to body-hair removal. The atmosphere of the spa is very relaxing and dare I say it? “Instagram Worthy!” I was instantly drawn to all the crystals that adorned the spa and the big white flower wall that’s located in the waiting area. Spa Kingston is basically spa GOALS.

So last Wednesday I came to Spa Kingston not knowing what I was getting myself into. As far as pampering goes, I’ve had a few massages in the past and one facial maybe about two years ago? My last facial experience wasn’t anything to brag about so I guess that’s why I haven’t had one since. When I arrived, I was greeted by a group of friendly faces. They helped checked me in and got me settled in for my treatments.

Prior to starting, the guest coordinator let me pick one of three different essential oils as a form of aromatherapy. Honestly, I liked all of them but I ended up picking “Amour Universél” scent. All body oil scents are by Epicuren Discovery. Afterwards, they took me to the back room where the lights were dimmed (if I sat there long enough I could have EASILY fallen asleep) and another staff member greeted me with a glass of rosé. Everyone was so extremely accommodating to the point that when my glass of rosé wasn’t cold anymore, I was brought another glass. I’ve never seen such customer service!

                                                                             Photo courtesy of Spa Kingston


After waiting a few minutes, my massage therapist Chantel brought out a rose footbath for me. The water was warm, bubbly, and filled with rose petals. It was so heavenly. This is the type of stuff you see in magazines and on television but it was nice to actually get treated like a Princess in real life. Oh! and I almost forgot the neck pillow. She brought out this warm scented neck pillow. Seriously? Is this real life?

She let me hang out and relax for about ten minutes before taking me to the back for my “Cocoa Decadence” body treatment, an exclusive February body treatment. Chantel began by gently dry brushing my body with a body brush (which you get to take home after the treatment) to remove any dead skin and to prepare it for the mask. The brushing felt so nice. She was very gentle and guided me through the entire process. After the brushing came the “Chocolate Créme Hydrating Mask,” a decadent mask filled with antioxidants and oils that smelled exactly like a chocolate cake. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted chocolate after Chantel massaged the mask on me. During the treatment, Chantel gave me a nice little massage, which could have easily put me to sleep, but I managed to stay awake so I can tell you guys about it. Afterwards, she wiped my body down with a warm towel and proceeded with the rose body massage during which she gave me a soothing scalp massage. The entire treatment lasted about 90 minutes, which was not enough for me! I wanted to stay under the covers forever. That was my first body brushing experience and I can say that it is most definitely not my last. I’ve never been one to really care about my skin but why shouldn’t I? It’s only the largest organ in your body!

After the treatment was over, I ended up staying under the covers for several more minutes. It was just warm I couldn’t bring myself to get up. Chantel made me feel so comfortable and told me to stay there for as long as I needed. When I got up, she had a fluffy robe hanging for me by the door. I put it on and proceeded to the waiting room again. They had a plethora of goodies for you to sip and munch on such as raspberries, strawberries, chocolate, champagne, fruit infused water, and various herbal teas.

Next is the facial! I’m going to be completely real with you guys. I was so relaxed at this point that I barely remember what happened during my facial. My esthetician, Lie Lani talked to me briefly about my skin prior to starting. I expressed that my skin is more on the dry side so she told me that products we were going to be using was going to really help. Once the steam hit my face, I started to doze off. I remember her doing a few extractions on my cheek, chin, and nose but she was so gentle it didn’t really bother me. I tend to get a little bit of build-up on my nose area so I wanted her to really get in there! Continuing with the February Specials, Lie Lani gave me the most exquisite “Rosé Radiance” facial. This 60-minute facial began with a rose exfoliation followed by a Bulgarian Rose Otto, used to give my skin a “dewy complexion.” She finished off by massaging the same Chocolate Créme Hydrating Mineral Mask that was used during my body treatment. It was so nice I seriously couldn’t stay awake. After the facial, my skin felt so soft, subtle, and clean! I didn’t want to put makeup on for days.

After the facial, Lie Lani met me at the front desk and gave me various recommendations that she thought would work well for me at home. If you are curious about Epicuren or some of the products that was used on me, head over to Spa Kingston! You can shop all sorts of fun skincare products along with candles, and body oils.

I had such an incredible experience at Spa Kingston and I want to share it with all of you! They were kind enough to set me up with a special discount code to share with you guys! If you’re looking to get pampered, or if you’re looking for a special gift for that special person in your life, I highly recommend coming here. Use code “BlushroseSK” for 10% off your first service! The staff and service are both out of this world and I couldn’t have been happier. It was three hours of pure bliss I tell yah! I loved it so much that I made an appointment for Mike to come here for a deep tissue massage. He really enjoyed his massage as well so we will both definitely be back soon!


Don’t forget ya’ll! Use code “BlushroseSK” for 10% off your first service! <3



Hey guys! I’ve been waiting all weekend to share with you guys these photos! Ahhh! I am so in love I can’t contain myself haha. So last week, Mike and I had the pleasure of taking photos with this amazing photographer duo: Lori and Matt of “Pretty Branch Photography“. They were seriously so amazing and we had a freaking blast with them! Lori had reached out to my on Instagram and asked if we wanted to do a free couples shoot with them. I’m always trying to get photos with Mike so of course I said yes. I thought it would be really cute to take Valentines Day photos to share with you guys. Matt and Lori were like Ying and Yang. She had a vision and he was there to capture it. It truly was a beautiful thing to witness. They were so easy going and directed/guided us the entire time (which I know Mike really appreciated since he NEVER gets his photos taken). I really recommend you guys checking out their work if you’re looking for engagement/wedding photos. Matt spent serious time editing these photos and it definitely showed! They sent me over 130 photos and I loved each and every one of them! So much so that I texted Lori immediately telling her that “I think I found my wedding photographers.” 

Anywhooooo with Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to do a little questionnaire with Mike to share with you guys a little bit about our relationship! I seriously laughed out loud when we did this. I tried my best to type it “word for word.” Enjoy you guys!

Describe your fiancé on your first date?
Him: You were soft spoken, um… *thinking* you were easy to converse with given the fact that it was a Wednesday, midnight, and there was no one around us…
Her: He was sweet. He was easy going… I couldn’t stop staring at his flip-flops hahaha

When and where did you first kiss?
Her: It was the next day when I went over to his house and he made me tacos!

What did your fiancé think about you after your first date?
Him: uuum I think you were hesitant because you just got out of a relationship so you thought I was a regular military guy. I wanted to see you again but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to. We got along but it wasn’t like our conversation was anything extraordinary… I was willing to put forth the effort to see you again though!

What did your fiancé think about you after your first date?
Her: I new I had it in the bag hahahah. I was cute, charming, and my hair looked awesome that day.

                                                This was us at a costume party for our third date. THAT HAIR!!!

What was it about your spouse that made you realize that they were “the one”?
Him: Well there were a number of things…. Levels of weirdness, humor… ummm intimacy. ODESZA. Going to that concert… Odesza was the shit and it made me think of you as being the one. Yes…
Her: I knew after spending a few months together… I had never in my life met someone that I genuinely LOVED being with everyday. Also, my friends loved him. That was a first for me so I KNEW. But I was hesitant and I didn’t want to rush things because I had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship.

Where did you go on your first date?
Her: We went to this southern restaurant called “Supper” in Ghent, Virginia. It was new and there was a rooftop bar. It was right next to my apartment and work. I had been dying to go to that place and he offered to drive to me…. So that’s where I suggested!

How long had you been dating when you became engaged?
Her: We were dating for about a year when he proposed to me and we’ve been engaged for a little over a year. My best friend and I were on a trip in Paris and he plotted with her… He ended up surprising me at the Eiffel Tower <3 I was a little buzzed from the champagne so I had to do a double take.

What did your spouse get you for your first birthday?Him: I got her this curling iron set that she wanted but NEVER uses.
Her: It was a T3 curling iron set that I wanted from a magazine… It just didn’t seem to work well with me hair so that’s why I never use it hahahaha. But for Mikes first birthday, I threw him a surprise 32nd Everyone brought their favorite kind of pizza (Mikes favorite thing to eat) and I had created this awesome collage of his face!

When did you have your first fight and what was it about?
Her: WELL…It was MY birthday… and I was supposed to get drunk and white-girl wasted but he decided to get drunk so I had to take care of him. He insisted on driving to get food so I had to hide his keys under my bed.

                                              This was Mike at my birthday party… He was sooooo done haha

Which one of you said, “I love you” first?
Him: I did. “Le Grand.” Over a burger. Take notes guys. It was very romantic. NOT JUST ANY BURGER. It was a Le Grand Masterpiece. #legrandburger Virginia Beach go check the map.
Her: I knew that he wanted to say it… I was just waiting for it haha. I can see him getting nervous! But he finally pulled me close and whispered in my eat that he loves me… I just looked at him, smiled, and said I love you back.

                                          The infamous “Le Grand” burger dinner where Mike first said “I love you.”

What clothing does your spouse wear that looks best on him/her?
Him: What I find really sexy is when you wear rompers. Show me dem legs!
Her: Uuuuum I really like it when he wears certain t-shirts. It’s so basic but he just looks yummy in them.

What do you like best about your spouse?
Him: What kind of question is this? First of all, I don’t “like” anything. I LOVE you’re weird like me. I love that you love to eat and explore different foods. And… this is such a general question. Are you writing this??? You type fast man. I wish I could type that fast.
Her: I love that he is kind-hearted. Seriously the most sweet and kindest man I have ever met. He will do anything and go out of his way to make me happy.
Him (again): I think my answer was too general. I’m going to go with I love that you’re weird like me and it keeps the relationship interesting. No day is ever the same and it’s always fun because we’re always doing some weird sh**. It’s never a Groundhogs Day. I love that. You’re always dancing whether there is music (or no music).

What frightens your spouse the most?
Him: BUTTERFLIES. Round small round objects.
Her: It’s actually tiny symmetrical little holes. It makes me feel gross and uncomfortable and weird. IT’S CALLED “trypophobia.” As far as Mike goes… I don’t think he’s scared of anything?

What is your spouse’s most irritating habit in the bedroom?
Him: You’re a mess. Clothes are always flying everywhere. You’ll clean one night and the next morning there’s an explosion.
Her: Shoes. I don’t like his ugly running shoes and sandals. He always tries to leave it out in the bedroom and I always end up throwing it in his closet.

What one item of clothing does your spouse wear that you just cannot stand?
Her: THIS UGLY TAN T-SHIRT HE WEARS. Omg… I made him promise me not to wear it around me anymore.
Him: Wedges. But you don’t wear them anymore… Thank GOD.

What word best describes your spouse first thing in the morning?
Her: Unexciting.
Him: I fu**** hate mornings.

Which of you eats the most junk food?
Him: Her. Easily. She has little stashes everywhere.
Her: Me… I love snacks?! What can I say…

Who is the best cook?
Her: Me. Neeeeeeext question 🙂

If your house caught on fire, what one thing would your spouse grab before leaving?
: That box in the closet with all her purses
Her: Kirra hahaha I wouldn’t have to worry about her because I know he would grab her.

What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of?
Her: These ugly wooden turtles he brought back from Africa. I had to give him SOMETHING to put in the house though… So I hid them by our window hahaha

What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does because you love it?
Him: I don’t think you do anything that you “hate” to do for me.
Her: Tj Maxx Home Goods hahahaha but he always goes with me and is such a good sport about it!

There’s a little look into the lives of Kimberly and Michael! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading! I really don’t know how I got so lucky… I found myself a man that treats everyday like Valentines Day. <3 I love you Michael Garcia!!!






Hey guys! So this is technically my second winter in San Diego and I’m still not used to this weather yet. I spent such a long time in Virginia so I’m used to the cold. Every day I wake up here it’s seriously so so perfect! This morning it felt amazing stepping outside. It was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I really feel blessed. I was really trying to make fall/winter happen here in SD. I wore knit sweaters almost everyday even when it was like 80 degrees outside. Do any of you do that as well??? Anyway, I’m over the sweaters for now. I’m so ready for SPRING!? Are you with me?!



I found the most perfect crop top and I can’t stop wearing it! I’ve already done a tone of research and I found so many that I love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I’m not a huge crop top fan so I like to pair mine with either a pair of high-wasted jean shorts or jeans. This girl is ready for summer but my body is NOT. I’m trying to lose like 5-8 pounds before we can go full-blown crop top. I love pairing this burnt orange top with my new Jaggar heels! I really feel like the red really popped with the outfit but you can also wear this top with a great pair of boots as well.



Another good thing about it being so warm here is that I get to share with you guys a ton of spring pieces! You guys will get a little sneak peak and you can even start collecting pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe! I tagged below some great tops that you can mix and match with almost any bottom. Good luck ladies!






Hey guys! It’s been such a hectic few weeks and things are beginning to slow down and get back to normal. Ever since November, I’ve felt like I was on overdrive and have been in zombie mode since. We were running around trying to see family and friends in Texas, New York, and Virginia. Adding to the chaos, Mike had to leave immediately for three weeks in January did not help at all! Any who… I’ve been in a little slump since then and I decided to take a little break. Don’t get me wrong, I felt so blessed to be given the opportunities to work with amazing companies but I didn’t realize that I was starting to overload myself. Between work, blogging, and just everyday life, I started to get burnt out from all the social media stuff so I decided to take a social-media detox.

Being a blogger, it’s impossible for me to stay off social media… Which means I’m constantly looking at other influencers Instagram pictures. Constantly commenting and liking other peoples posts… It’s nearly impossible to not compare yourself to others that you see on there. Sadly, we are ALL guilty of comparing ourselves to others that we see on TV, magazines, and social media. What you all should know though is that what I post is only a glimpse of my life. I want to post pictures that I feel best showcases my day. What you don’t see is the stress, anxiety, and sadness that’s going on inside. That’s why it’s so important for me to share with you guys that I struggle with insecurities and deal with constant stressors like everyone else. I don’t want to perceive this fake and “perfect” life on social media because that’s just not realistic.

During the holidays, I was go go go and it was so difficult keeping up with my blog and Instagram. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know… This girl is complaining about taking pictures and wearing pretty clothes. Ridiculous right? No. I’m not going to lie; it’s a lot of work! But that’s another blog post for another day. As I was saying… I found myself becoming more stressed every time I clicked on that little Instagram app. The more I looked at it (which was about 30 times a day) the more I started comparing myself to other influencers on Instagram. There are just so many beautiful influencers on IG that you can’t help but compare yourself to them. Comparison is seriously the devil! Crazy thoughts started running through my head… Like why does she look better in the top? Why is my engagement level so low? Why didn’t I get this many likes on this picture? When will I ever get to go there? Bla bla bla… Blogging was supposed to be a fun and creative outlet for me but instead it was slowly tearing me apart. I started doubting myself and felt that my content wasn’t good enough.   It just wasn’t healthy anymore so I needed to just stop and take a little time to revaluate my life and to enjoy the people around me.

So that’s exactly what I did! I stopped trying to record my life and started taking time for myself. I reminded myself why I started blogging in the first place and started treating myself better. What does that mean exactly? Well, I started working out more, eating healthier, and taking more baths! Everyone has his or her thing… You know… the thing that relaxes them: running, yoga, reading, etc. Well mine is taking baths! I’ve always loved taking baths but just never really took the time to do it. Something about the hot water and bubbles that really relaxes me. I have a little routine that I do now which consists of candles, hot tea, bubbles, and a movie playing on my laptop (my sweet fiancé bought me a bathtub caddy for my laptop and I am in LOVE). I now make it a point to take a bath at least twice a week.

During my little journey to “self-love” I started using RAW SUGAR products during my relaxation time and I have to say I really love the results and the products. I loved it so much I started getting Mike to use it as well! I mean… I’m seriously making it a mission to take better care of myself so I’m going all in! We only have one body so why not take care of it? RAW Sugar products are mainly Vegan and Cold-Pressed which means super hydrated skin. My little bath time routine now consists of using the “Lemon Sugar” body wash and “Raw Coconut and Mango” Sugar Scrub. Oh my GOD! The scrub smells so tasty! It smells and feels so amazing that Mike is starting to use it. I can tell too because he comes out smelling like a piece of candy. Another great thing about RAW Sugar is that with every product that you purchase, RAW Sugar donates a bar of soap to a family in need. I mean… if you’re going to purchase a beauty product, why not purchase one that gives back to the community? So if you’re into baths like me, or if you just want to try new products that make you FEEL good, is good for you, and GIVES back to those in need, I’m pretty sure you should try RAW Sugar products. If that’s the case, you can these awesome bath time essentials at all Target locations.

Self-love is so important. If you ever catch yourself feeling inferior to anyone on social-media, or if you’re just overwhelmed in general, just take a step back and give yourself a little break. Focus on yourself and take a moment to reflect on the good aspects of your life. What makes you great? Focus on that and find your calming ritual. I did and you know what? IT FEELS FREAKING GREAT. I can’t stress how important it is to take care of yourself mentally and physically… Go! Take a bath.



– Kimmy


Happy New Year everyone! “New year… New me!” That’s what I always love to say at the beginning of the year. I always say that I’m going to have abs by the end of the year but lets face it ya’ll… IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I’m over obsessing over the idea of having a six-pack. My goal for the year is to get toned and just be healthy. Ever since I started graduate school three years ago, I have been seriously slacking in the fitness department. I feel as if I’m starting over and you know what? That’s OK. Another thing I want to get better at is my diet. Lord knows that I have such an awful sweet tooth. I can’t cut anything cold turkey so I’m going to have my sweets in “moderation.”

As far as a well balanced diet goes, Mike is so good when it comes to his veggies but I on the other hand am not. I am soooooo awful when it comes to eating vegetables. There is just something about it! Unless its cooked, I just don’t ever crave it. If it’s blended or cooked, I’ll eat it but otherwise, you can count me out. When I cook at home, I have the tendency to look for recipes that have meat in it. Otherwise, I won’t even make it because I don’t think it will be filling and then I’ll just end up eating again an hour later! That’s why I’m so glad I discovered Purple Carrot!

This company is amazing ya’ll! Purple Carrot is a food prep company that uses only plant-based ingredients. Each week their menu changes so that you can explore a variety of vegan recipes. I made delicious recipes ranging from lentil stew to veggie pad thai! How does it work you ask?


  • PICK YOUR PLAN(T) See what I did there?
    • There are only two of us so Mike and I selected the meal plan for TWO.
    • So with this plan we got 3 delicious meals that costs $72/week ($12 per plate)


It’s that simple! If you’re super busy and feel that you don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals at home, Purple Carrot is definitely a great alternative. Mike and I are not vegan by any means but we are always trying to incorporate vegetables into our diets more. It was a great experience to try something new for a change. Purple Carrot definitely allowed us to try new recipes that I would have never tried on my own. For those of you who are vegan (or not) I recommend you incorporating this company into your new year. Who knows… you might even find a recipe that you love and will recreate over and over again! I know I will! They also have plans for 3-4 people and even a special High Performance menu for more athletic people (aka not me). If you’re curious and decide to try it out you get a $30 discount with my code: KIMMY30 so don’t forget to do that! To check out their current menu this week, you can click HERE.


(courtesy of Purple Carrot)


Eat one less burger a week
and save the equivalent of 320 miles
in carbon emissions.

It takes 1850 gallons of
water to product 1 lb of beef
vs 39 gallons for 1 lb of veggies.

The fastest way to reduce
your carbon footprint is to
switch to a plant-based diet.


Bon Appetit!




Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA from social media this past week. Mike and I went to Las Vegas the day after Christmas and met up with his parents. I’ll talk a little more about that trip in another post. For those who don’t know me, I’m not a huge gambler. What do I like to do you ask? SHOP of course!

So during my trip I decided to go peruse the forum shops at Caesar’s Palace and wandered into the H&M there (which is HUGE might I add…) I got lucky because they were having a ridiculous sale! There were jackets there for only $25! I found sweater dresses on sale for as cheap as $10. Now that’s what I call a freaking SALE! After about thirty minutes of trying on sweaters and jackets, I settled on two super cute knit sweaters.

The first one is this soft baby blue off-the-shoulder sweater, which I got in a size small. I don’t like it when off-the-shoulder tops feel too tight around your arms and you end up walking around like a robot. The small has the perfect stretch and the fabric is super soft. Nothing worst than an itchy sweater! I paired the sweater with a pair of my favorite boyfriend jeans from NA-KD Fashion. I only paid $29 for this sweater! That’s a deal to me… What makes it even better??? While in line, I signed up for H&M’s email notices and got a 10% off coupon for one item.

The second sweater I got was this beautiful emerald green sweater. I was about to purchase a medium because I wanted a baggier look but decided on the small. The sweaters are a little big as is so I didn’t think it was necessary to size up. With this next look, I paired it with a pair of jeans and made it an off the shoulder top. Showing a little bit of the shoulder is just so sexy to me! This sweater was only $19 so hurry and head over to H&M while their sale still lasts! Happy shopping everyone!

P.S. You can also find these sweaters linked HERE at my Like.to.Know.it account! Ciao!



Hey guys! So my FIRST EVER blog post! This is so exciting and scary at the same time. I’ve been working and working on this blog trying my best to make it “perfect” for you guys. But as I was sitting there on the couch watching tv… I just realized “you know what? This is never going to be perfect, so just DO IT Kim!” That’s my advice to new bloggers. There will never be a perfect time, so if you’re thinking about blogging, you should really just start TODAY! So a little about me…

I stand tall at 5’1. I’m Vietnamese-American and I’m a food connoisseur. I was born in Orange County, California and since then I’ve lived South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. I went to elementary, middle, high school, and graduate school in Virginia, so you can call that home. I moved out here to San Diego last year because of my fiancé’s job (proud NAVY wife! Just kidding… He hates when I say that haha) and it was time for a new adventure. I was so exciting about the idea of moving here but when it was time to actually move, I was a nervous wreck. My friends, mom, sisters, and majority of my close family are all in Virginia so it was really difficult for me to leave. I’m not going to lie… I struggled for a few months when I first got to San Diego. I didn’t know where anything was, didn’t have friends, and nothing was familiar. After a few months, I started figuring things out and I met my first friend through Intsagram! That’s when the idea of “blogging” really kicked in. I was inspired by all these Istagram influencers and decided that I was going to give it a go. Every time I looked up “How To Start a Blog” online, it would tell me “pick a niche…” Well… Sorry to tell you but I am all over the place so picking one or two things to stick to was going to be IMPOSSIBLE. I just have so much to share with you all and I can’t wait to finally start doing so!

It wasn’t easy but I eventually figured out what worked and what didn’t work for me. It’s been almost a year since I started blogging via Instagram and it’s still a learning process. I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to work with various companies that I’ve grown to love and adore. I started this blog because I wanted a creative outlook that allowed me to share everything that I loved with you guys! Whether that is recipes, fashion-finds, or beauty products, I thought that creating a blog would be the perfect place to do it! Thus, The Blushing Life was born. So if you’re reading this, I just want to thank you for going on this journey with me. If there is ever any questions or suggestions you have for me, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! comment below. I promise to try my best to answer your questions. Plus, I’m so new at this so I’m always open to friendly advice ☺