Hi guys! Have I mentioned that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day? Funny thing though… rarely do I ever eat breakfast. That is why I love “brunch” so much! Something about eating breakfast on a weekend that is just so freaking glorious. Before Mike left for all his training, I would cook all the time. But since he’s been gone, I hate doing dishes so I avoid cooking at all cost.

But now that he’s back, were trying to avoid going out so much so i’m going to start being a good fiancé and start cooking more! So I woke up this morning with the craziest craving for Avocado toast. I love A V O C A D O S so much and sorry but I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t love avocados. With that being said, can you guess what recipe i’m going to share with you today? Hehe AVOCADO TOAST OF COURSE! It’s so simple, it takes me less than ten minutes to put together and my man freaking loves it.


Ingredients (for two) 

Bread of choice (I use the low-sodium Ezekiel bread)

1 large ripe/firm Avocado

2-3 Eggs

White Wine Vinegar

Everything but bagel seasoning


GOOD Balsamic Vinegar (not the kind that makes your cringe when you smell it)


How to Make Easy Peezy Toast 

1.) Boil a small pot of water for the eggs

2.) Start toasting your bread (everyones toaster is different so you’re going to have to figure out when to make the toast..)

3.) Separate the eggs into ramekins because you’re going to be placing it in the water separately

4.) Slice or gently chop up your avocado

5.) When your water comes to a boil, put in about a tablespoon of the vinegar (this is what holds the egg together in the water… Unless you plan on making egg drop soup) and turn the water down to medium.

6.) Slowly pour the egg in and cook each for 3-4 minutes (the egg will be perfectly runny)

7.) Assemble your toast with the avocado, egg, salt/peppuh, and a generous sprinkle of the Everything but Bagel Seasoning, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar!

8.) Bon Appetit!