Happy New Year everyone! “New year… New me!” That’s what I always love to say at the beginning of the year. I always say that I’m going to have abs by the end of the year but lets face it ya’ll… IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I’m over obsessing over the idea of having a six-pack. My goal for the year is to get toned and just be healthy. Ever since I started graduate school three years ago, I have been seriously slacking in the fitness department. I feel as if I’m starting over and you know what? That’s OK. Another thing I want to get better at is my diet. Lord knows that I have such an awful sweet tooth. I can’t cut anything cold turkey so I’m going to have my sweets in “moderation.”

As far as a well balanced diet goes, Mike is so good when it comes to his veggies but I on the other hand am not. I am soooooo awful when it comes to eating vegetables. There is just something about it! Unless its cooked, I just don’t ever crave it. If it’s blended or cooked, I’ll eat it but otherwise, you can count me out. When I cook at home, I have the tendency to look for recipes that have meat in it. Otherwise, I won’t even make it because I don’t think it will be filling and then I’ll just end up eating again an hour later! That’s why I’m so glad I discovered Purple Carrot!


This company is amazing ya’ll! Purple Carrot is a food prep company that uses only plant-based ingredients. Each week their menu changes so that you can explore a variety of vegan recipes. I made delicious recipes ranging from lentil stew to veggie pad thai! How does it work you ask?


  • PICK YOUR PLAN(T) See what I did there?
    • There are only two of us so Mike and I selected the meal plan for TWO.
    • So with this plan we got 3 delicious meals that costs $72/week ($12 per plate)


It’s that simple! If you’re super busy and feel that you don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals at home, Purple Carrot is definitely a great alternative. Mike and I are not vegan by any means but we are always trying to incorporate vegetables into our diets more. It was a great experience to try something new for a change. Purple Carrot definitely allowed us to try new recipes that I would have never tried on my own. For those of you who are vegan (or not) I recommend you incorporating this company into your new year. Who knows… you might even find a recipe that you love and will recreate over and over again! I know I will! They also have plans for 3-4 people and even a special High Performance menu for more athletic people (aka not me). If you’re curious and decide to try it out you get a $30 discount with my code: KIMMY30 so don’t forget to do that! To check out their current menu this week, you can click HERE.


(courtesy of Purple Carrot)


Eat one less burger a week
and save the equivalent of 320 miles
in carbon emissions.

It takes 1850 gallons of
water to product 1 lb of beef
vs 39 gallons for 1 lb of veggies.

The fastest way to reduce
your carbon footprint is to
switch to a plant-based diet.


Bon Appetit!