Summer is coming ladies! What does that mean? Out with the old and in with the new! I spent all week getting rid of my winter, fall, and spring clothing. I put away my favorite favorite pieces and packed it away for next season and made room for my summer wardrobe. The downside to living downtown is that our place is so incredibly tiny. I love where we live now and we were lucky enough to both have our own closets but MY GOD. I need an entire room for all my stuff. I honestly don’t know how long I can keep up with this tiny sliding closet situation. Honestly, the only reason why I decided to purse my closet was because I noticed my clothing hook was beginning to bend in and break! I panicked and had Mike screw everything back into place for me. We ended up getting rid of 13 bags of clothes and giving it away to Mikes cousin. She has two adorable young daughters so it’s not like my clothes went to waste. Even after getting rid of all the clothes, I still feel like I don’t have enough space for anything. I’ve tried organizing, reorganizing, and buying containers for everything. Nothing seems to work for me. If you have any recommendations, please please please leave them in the comment section below!


This season i’m really trying to minimize my look. I’m tired of spending money on cheap pieces that I know I’m only going to wear once or twice. I’m really digging neutrals like white, tan, and orange lately. Also super obsessed with the look and feel of linen pants. I’ve always been a fan of flowy and loose pants though. Some people are afraid that linen pants can appear to casual. Well today is your lucky day! Let me tell you how WRONG that statement is! I found the perfect pair of linen pants and I dressed them up and down all week long. I went on a date night with them, went to the beach in them, and I wore them around the house just because they’re so comfortable!


So to show you that you can easily dress them up, I added a simple white ribbed bodysuit I got from River Island along with sleek white River Island sandals to dress up my linen pants. I bought them HERE last week and I can’t freaking get enough of them. I honestly wish they came in other colors because I’d probably buy them all. I can definitely say that I got my $70 worth already because I am going to wearing these little babies all summer long! I added my new light denim Madison Square jacket with it and it instantly became one of my favorite outfits. For my accessories, I used my favorite straw clutch and new tortoise shell hoop earrings. These are all pieces that are very simple and versatile. You can wear each piece in so many different ways! Trust me, you are going to want to invest in these KEY pieces for summer.¬†Depending on your budget, I’ve linked several of my favorite linen pants below. You can dress them up by pairing them with a pair of heels, sleek blouse, and cute handbag. BOOM! Just like that and you’re ready for a summer’s night out ladies! Enjoy!