Hey guys! It’s been such a hectic few weeks and things are beginning to slow down and get back to normal. Ever since November, I’ve felt like I was on overdrive and have been in zombie mode since. We were running around trying to see family and friends in Texas, New York, and Virginia. Adding to the chaos, Mike had to leave immediately for three weeks in January did not help at all! Any who… I’ve been in a little slump since then and I decided to take a little break. Don’t get me wrong, I felt so blessed to be given the opportunities to work with amazing companies but I didn’t realize that I was starting to overload myself. Between work, blogging, and just everyday life, I started to get burnt out from all the social media stuff so I decided to take a social-media detox.

Being a blogger, it’s impossible for me to stay off social media… Which means I’m constantly looking at other influencers Instagram pictures. Constantly commenting and liking other peoples posts… It’s nearly impossible to not compare yourself to others that you see on there. Sadly, we are ALL guilty of comparing ourselves to others that we see on TV, magazines, and social media. What you all should know though is that what I post is only a glimpse of my life. I want to post pictures that I feel best showcases my day. What you don’t see is the stress, anxiety, and sadness that’s going on inside. That’s why it’s so important for me to share with you guys that I struggle with insecurities and deal with constant stressors like everyone else. I don’t want to perceive this fake and “perfect” life on social media because that’s just not realistic.

During the holidays, I was go go go and it was so difficult keeping up with my blog and Instagram. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know… This girl is complaining about taking pictures and wearing pretty clothes. Ridiculous right? No. I’m not going to lie; it’s a lot of work! But that’s another blog post for another day. As I was saying… I found myself becoming more stressed every time I clicked on that little Instagram app. The more I looked at it (which was about 30 times a day) the more I started comparing myself to other influencers on Instagram. There are just so many beautiful influencers on IG that you can’t help but compare yourself to them. Comparison is seriously the devil! Crazy thoughts started running through my head… Like why does she look better in the top? Why is my engagement level so low? Why didn’t I get this many likes on this picture? When will I ever get to go there? Bla bla bla… Blogging was supposed to be a fun and creative outlet for me but instead it was slowly tearing me apart. I started doubting myself and felt that my content wasn’t good enough.   It just wasn’t healthy anymore so I needed to just stop and take a little time to revaluate my life and to enjoy the people around me.


So that’s exactly what I did! I stopped trying to record my life and started taking time for myself. I reminded myself why I started blogging in the first place and started treating myself better. What does that mean exactly? Well, I started working out more, eating healthier, and taking more baths! Everyone has his or her thing… You know… the thing that relaxes them: running, yoga, reading, etc. Well mine is taking baths! I’ve always loved taking baths but just never really took the time to do it. Something about the hot water and bubbles that really relaxes me. I have a little routine that I do now which consists of candles, hot tea, bubbles, and a movie playing on my laptop (my sweet fiancé bought me a bathtub caddy for my laptop and I am in LOVE). I now make it a point to take a bath at least twice a week.

During my little journey to “self-love” I started using RAW SUGAR products during my relaxation time and I have to say I really love the results and the products. I loved it so much I started getting Mike to use it as well! I mean… I’m seriously making it a mission to take better care of myself so I’m going all in! We only have one body so why not take care of it? RAW Sugar products are mainly Vegan and Cold-Pressed which means super hydrated skin. My little bath time routine now consists of using the “Lemon Sugar” body wash and “Raw Coconut and Mango” Sugar Scrub. Oh my GOD! The scrub smells so tasty! It smells and feels so amazing that Mike is starting to use it. I can tell too because he comes out smelling like a piece of candy. Another great thing about RAW Sugar is that with every product that you purchase, RAW Sugar donates a bar of soap to a family in need. I mean… if you’re going to purchase a beauty product, why not purchase one that gives back to the community? So if you’re into baths like me, or if you just want to try new products that make you FEEL good, is good for you, and GIVES back to those in need, I’m pretty sure you should try RAW Sugar products. If that’s the case, you can these awesome bath time essentials at all Target locations.

Self-love is so important. If you ever catch yourself feeling inferior to anyone on social-media, or if you’re just overwhelmed in general, just take a step back and give yourself a little break. Focus on yourself and take a moment to reflect on the good aspects of your life. What makes you great? Focus on that and find your calming ritual. I did and you know what? IT FEELS FREAKING GREAT. I can’t stress how important it is to take care of yourself mentally and physically… Go! Take a bath.



– Kimmy