Hey guys! I’ve been waiting all weekend to share with you guys these photos! Ahhh! I am so in love I can’t contain myself haha. So last week, Mike and I had the pleasure of taking photos with this amazing photographer duo: Lori and Matt of “Pretty Branch Photography“. They were seriously so amazing and we had a freaking blast with them! Lori had reached out to my on Instagram and asked if we wanted to do a free couples shoot with them. I’m always trying to get photos with Mike so of course I said yes. I thought it would be really cute to take Valentines Day photos to share with you guys. Matt and Lori were like Ying and Yang. She had a vision and he was there to capture it. It truly was a beautiful thing to witness. They were so easy going and directed/guided us the entire time (which I know Mike really appreciated since he NEVER gets his photos taken). I really recommend you guys checking out their work if you’re looking for engagement/wedding photos. Matt spent serious time editing these photos and it definitely showed! They sent me over 130 photos and I loved each and every one of them! So much so that I texted Lori immediately telling her that “I think I found my wedding photographers.” 

Anywhooooo with Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to do a little questionnaire with Mike to share with you guys a little bit about our relationship! I seriously laughed out loud when we did this. I tried my best to type it “word for word.” Enjoy you guys!

Describe your fiancé on your first date?
Him: You were soft spoken, um… *thinking* you were easy to converse with given the fact that it was a Wednesday, midnight, and there was no one around us…
Her: He was sweet. He was easy going… I couldn’t stop staring at his flip-flops hahaha


When and where did you first kiss?
Her: It was the next day when I went over to his house and he made me tacos!

What did your fiancé think about you after your first date?
Him: uuum I think you were hesitant because you just got out of a relationship so you thought I was a regular military guy. I wanted to see you again but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to. We got along but it wasn’t like our conversation was anything extraordinary… I was willing to put forth the effort to see you again though!

What did your fiancé think about you after your first date?
Her: I new I had it in the bag hahahah. I was cute, charming, and my hair looked awesome that day.

                                                This was us at a costume party for our third date. THAT HAIR!!!

What was it about your spouse that made you realize that they were “the one”?
Him: Well there were a number of things…. Levels of weirdness, humor… ummm intimacy. ODESZA. Going to that concert… Odesza was the shit and it made me think of you as being the one. Yes…
Her: I knew after spending a few months together… I had never in my life met someone that I genuinely LOVED being with everyday. Also, my friends loved him. That was a first for me so I KNEW. But I was hesitant and I didn’t want to rush things because I had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship.

Where did you go on your first date?
Her: We went to this southern restaurant called “Supper” in Ghent, Virginia. It was new and there was a rooftop bar. It was right next to my apartment and work. I had been dying to go to that place and he offered to drive to me…. So that’s where I suggested!

How long had you been dating when you became engaged?
Her: We were dating for about a year when he proposed to me and we’ve been engaged for a little over a year. My best friend and I were on a trip in Paris and he plotted with her… He ended up surprising me at the Eiffel Tower <3 I was a little buzzed from the champagne so I had to do a double take.

What did your spouse get you for your first birthday?Him: I got her this curling iron set that she wanted but NEVER uses.
Her: It was a T3 curling iron set that I wanted from a magazine… It just didn’t seem to work well with me hair so that’s why I never use it hahahaha. But for Mikes first birthday, I threw him a surprise 32nd Everyone brought their favorite kind of pizza (Mikes favorite thing to eat) and I had created this awesome collage of his face!

When did you have your first fight and what was it about?
Her: WELL…It was MY birthday… and I was supposed to get drunk and white-girl wasted but he decided to get drunk so I had to take care of him. He insisted on driving to get food so I had to hide his keys under my bed.

                                              This was Mike at my birthday party… He was sooooo done haha

Which one of you said, “I love you” first?
Him: I did. “Le Grand.” Over a burger. Take notes guys. It was very romantic. NOT JUST ANY BURGER. It was a Le Grand Masterpiece. #legrandburger Virginia Beach go check the map.
Her: I knew that he wanted to say it… I was just waiting for it haha. I can see him getting nervous! But he finally pulled me close and whispered in my eat that he loves me… I just looked at him, smiled, and said I love you back.

                                          The infamous “Le Grand” burger dinner where Mike first said “I love you.”

What clothing does your spouse wear that looks best on him/her?
Him: What I find really sexy is when you wear rompers. Show me dem legs!
Her: Uuuuum I really like it when he wears certain t-shirts. It’s so basic but he just looks yummy in them.

What do you like best about your spouse?
Him: What kind of question is this? First of all, I don’t “like” anything. I LOVE you’re weird like me. I love that you love to eat and explore different foods. And… this is such a general question. Are you writing this??? You type fast man. I wish I could type that fast.
Her: I love that he is kind-hearted. Seriously the most sweet and kindest man I have ever met. He will do anything and go out of his way to make me happy.
Him (again): I think my answer was too general. I’m going to go with I love that you’re weird like me and it keeps the relationship interesting. No day is ever the same and it’s always fun because we’re always doing some weird sh**. It’s never a Groundhogs Day. I love that. You’re always dancing whether there is music (or no music).

What frightens your spouse the most?
Him: BUTTERFLIES. Round small round objects.
Her: It’s actually tiny symmetrical little holes. It makes me feel gross and uncomfortable and weird. IT’S CALLED “trypophobia.” As far as Mike goes… I don’t think he’s scared of anything?

What is your spouse’s most irritating habit in the bedroom?
Him: You’re a mess. Clothes are always flying everywhere. You’ll clean one night and the next morning there’s an explosion.
Her: Shoes. I don’t like his ugly running shoes and sandals. He always tries to leave it out in the bedroom and I always end up throwing it in his closet.

What one item of clothing does your spouse wear that you just cannot stand?
Her: THIS UGLY TAN T-SHIRT HE WEARS. Omg… I made him promise me not to wear it around me anymore.
Him: Wedges. But you don’t wear them anymore… Thank GOD.

What word best describes your spouse first thing in the morning?
Her: Unexciting.
Him: I fu**** hate mornings.

Which of you eats the most junk food?
Him: Her. Easily. She has little stashes everywhere.
Her: Me… I love snacks?! What can I say…

Who is the best cook?
Her: Me. Neeeeeeext question 🙂

If your house caught on fire, what one thing would your spouse grab before leaving?
: That box in the closet with all her purses
Her: Kirra hahaha I wouldn’t have to worry about her because I know he would grab her.

What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of?
Her: These ugly wooden turtles he brought back from Africa. I had to give him SOMETHING to put in the house though… So I hid them by our window hahaha

What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does because you love it?
Him: I don’t think you do anything that you “hate” to do for me.
Her: Tj Maxx Home Goods hahahaha but he always goes with me and is such a good sport about it!

There’s a little look into the lives of Kimberly and Michael! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading! I really don’t know how I got so lucky… I found myself a man that treats everyday like Valentines Day. <3 I love you Michael Garcia!!!