Hey ya’ll! Festival season is amongst us and I couldn’t be anymore stoked about it! I unfortunately will not make it to Coachella this year because Mike will be away till May (again). BUT you can bet your socks that we’ll be at another music festival when he gets back. We went to our first music festival together and been to every single one together since! It’s one of our favorite things together and how we really bonded when we first started dating. Going to a music fest without him just wouldn’t be the same. So, instead of going to Coachella together, he decided to shoot these outfits for me so it’s the same thing (kinda… not really…). Anywhoooo, we had a blast shooting these looks so I hope you enjoy them!

Look #1

This was probably my favorite look we did! I absolutely loved my River Island jacket! I want to wear it everywhere! It’s so soft and it comes in a variety of colors. I picked the bright red one because I thought it would stand out well in the crowd! You can find it HERE!


Look #2

This next look was so comfortable! You know I love my vintage Kiss T-Shirt so I had to bust it out for this lookbook! I can’t find the exact one online but i’ve linked several similar ones (if not cuter) for y’all!


Look #3

This look was super fun to shoot because I had so much fun wearing the kimono from River Island! It looked so gorgeous in the sunlight and it is the perfect piece for any music festival! The quality of this kimono is seriously so out of this world. I can see this as a piece I’ll be keeping for quite a while!

Look #4

For this look, I pulled out the old sequin kimono I bought last year at the Middlelands Festival in Texas! That was such a fun festival and we had a freaking blast. While I was there I had a TON of compliments on this beauty so I had to reuse it for this Look book of course! I tagged an identical one below for you guys! I hope you guys enjoyed looking at these fun festival looks! Can’t wait to see everyone’s outfit pics!