Hey ya’ll! Festival season is amongst us and I couldn’t be anymore stoked about it! I unfortunately will not make it to Coachella this year because Mike will be away till May (again). BUT you can bet your socks that we’ll be at another music festival when he gets back. We went to our first music festival together and been to every single one together since! It’s one of our favorite things together and how we really bonded when we first started dating. Going to a music fest without him just wouldn’t be the same. So, instead of going to Coachella together, he decided to shoot these outfits for me so it’s the same thing (kinda… not really…). Anywhoooo, we had a blast shooting these looks so I hope you enjoy them!

Look #1

This was probably my favorite look we did! I absolutely loved my River Island jacket! I want to wear it everywhere! It’s so soft and it comes in a variety of colors. I picked the bright red one because I thought it would stand out well in the crowd! You can find it HERE!



Hey guys! So this is technically my second winter in San Diego and I’m still not used to this weather yet. I spent such a long time in Virginia so I’m used to the cold. Every day I wake up here it’s seriously so so perfect! This morning it felt amazing stepping outside. It was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I really feel blessed. I was really trying to make fall/winter happen here in SD. I wore knit sweaters almost everyday even when it was like 80 degrees outside. Do any of you do that as well??? Anyway, I’m over the sweaters for now. I’m so ready for SPRING!? Are you with me?!



I found the most perfect crop top and I can’t stop wearing it! I’ve already done a tone of research and I found so many that I love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I’m not a huge crop top fan so I like to pair mine with either a pair of high-wasted jean shorts or jeans. This girl is ready for summer but my body is NOT. I’m trying to lose like 5-8 pounds before we can go full-blown crop top. I love pairing this burnt orange top with my new Jaggar heels! I really feel like the red really popped with the outfit but you can also wear this top with a great pair of boots as well.



Another good thing about it being so warm here is that I get to share with you guys a ton of spring pieces! You guys will get a little sneak peak and you can even start collecting pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe! I tagged below some great tops that you can mix and match with almost any bottom. Good luck ladies!






Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA from social media this past week. Mike and I went to Las Vegas the day after Christmas and met up with his parents. I’ll talk a little more about that trip in another post. For those who don’t know me, I’m not a huge gambler. What do I like to do you ask? SHOP of course!

So during my trip I decided to go peruse the forum shops at Caesar’s Palace and wandered into the H&M there (which is HUGE might I add…) I got lucky because they were having a ridiculous sale! There were jackets there for only $25! I found sweater dresses on sale for as cheap as $10. Now that’s what I call a freaking SALE! After about thirty minutes of trying on sweaters and jackets, I settled on two super cute knit sweaters.

The first one is this soft baby blue off-the-shoulder sweater, which I got in a size small. I don’t like it when off-the-shoulder tops feel too tight around your arms and you end up walking around like a robot. The small has the perfect stretch and the fabric is super soft. Nothing worst than an itchy sweater! I paired the sweater with a pair of my favorite boyfriend jeans from NA-KD Fashion. I only paid $29 for this sweater! That’s a deal to me… What makes it even better??? While in line, I signed up for H&M’s email notices and got a 10% off coupon for one item.

The second sweater I got was this beautiful emerald green sweater. I was about to purchase a medium because I wanted a baggier look but decided on the small. The sweaters are a little big as is so I didn’t think it was necessary to size up. With this next look, I paired it with a pair of jeans and made it an off the shoulder top. Showing a little bit of the shoulder is just so sexy to me! This sweater was only $19 so hurry and head over to H&M while their sale still lasts! Happy shopping everyone!

P.S. You can also find these sweaters linked HERE at my account! Ciao!