Holaaaa! So when I make pork chops, I usually have no clue what i’m doing… I just know that when I make them this specific way, they never fail to come out juicy and delicious! When Mike and I first started dating, I wanted to impress him so I made a pork chop with spicy cream sauce and asparagus and purple mashed potatoes. It was just one of those meals that was so memorable and so delicious. I wanted to show him I was wifey material and yah know what? It freakin worked! For this recipe, I rummaged through the fridge and had left over peas, mushrooms, and some heavy cream so let me tell you what I whipped up!

As far as ingredients go, I don’t always use the same seasoning and ingredients! I kinda just pick the ones I have in my pantry that day and it either work or it doesn’t… I’m going to say it usually works like 90% of the time haha. So I hope you enjoy this one!