Happy New Year everyone! “New year… New me!” That’s what I always love to say at the beginning of the year. I always say that I’m going to have abs by the end of the year but lets face it ya’ll… IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I’m over obsessing over the idea of having a six-pack. My goal for the year is to get toned and just be healthy. Ever since I started graduate school three years ago, I have been seriously slacking in the fitness department. I feel as if I’m starting over and you know what? That’s OK. Another thing I want to get better at is my diet. Lord knows that I have such an awful sweet tooth. I can’t cut anything cold turkey so I’m going to have my sweets in “moderation.”

As far as a well balanced diet goes, Mike is so good when it comes to his veggies but I on the other hand am not. I am soooooo awful when it comes to eating vegetables. There is just something about it! Unless its cooked, I just don’t ever crave it. If it’s blended or cooked, I’ll eat it but otherwise, you can count me out. When I cook at home, I have the tendency to look for recipes that have meat in it. Otherwise, I won’t even make it because I don’t think it will be filling and then I’ll just end up eating again an hour later! That’s why I’m so glad I discovered Purple Carrot!



Hey guys! So my FIRST EVER blog post! This is so exciting and scary at the same time. I’ve been working and working on this blog trying my best to make it “perfect” for you guys. But as I was sitting there on the couch watching tv… I just realized “you know what? This is never going to be perfect, so just DO IT Kim!” That’s my advice to new bloggers. There will never be a perfect time, so if you’re thinking about blogging, you should really just start TODAY! So a little about me…

I stand tall at 5’1. I’m Vietnamese-American and I’m a food connoisseur. I was born in Orange County, California and since then I’ve lived South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. I went to elementary, middle, high school, and graduate school in Virginia, so you can call that home. I moved out here to San Diego last year because of my fiancé’s job (proud NAVY wife! Just kidding… He hates when I say that haha) and it was time for a new adventure. I was so exciting about the idea of moving here but when it was time to actually move, I was a nervous wreck. My friends, mom, sisters, and majority of my close family are all in Virginia so it was really difficult for me to leave. I’m not going to lie… I struggled for a few months when I first got to San Diego. I didn’t know where anything was, didn’t have friends, and nothing was familiar. After a few months, I started figuring things out and I met my first friend through Intsagram! That’s when the idea of “blogging” really kicked in. I was inspired by all these Istagram influencers and decided that I was going to give it a go. Every time I looked up “How To Start a Blog” online, it would tell me “pick a niche…” Well… Sorry to tell you but I am all over the place so picking one or two things to stick to was going to be IMPOSSIBLE. I just have so much to share with you all and I can’t wait to finally start doing so!

It wasn’t easy but I eventually figured out what worked and what didn’t work for me. It’s been almost a year since I started blogging via Instagram and it’s still a learning process. I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to work with various companies that I’ve grown to love and adore. I started this blog because I wanted a creative outlook that allowed me to share everything that I loved with you guys! Whether that is recipes, fashion-finds, or beauty products, I thought that creating a blog would be the perfect place to do it! Thus, The Blushing Life was born. So if you’re reading this, I just want to thank you for going on this journey with me. If there is ever any questions or suggestions you have for me, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! comment below. I promise to try my best to answer your questions. Plus, I’m so new at this so I’m always open to friendly advice ☺