I feel like this is a blog post that I need to write. Some people have the misconception that everything great in my life comes so easily! I try my best to show my normal/not so glamorous side on my Instagram stories hah.  My Instagram post from earlier this morning really inspired me. For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a Vietnamese household where success wasn’t an option. My mother had me at the young age of 16 and sacrificed her youth to take care of me. She always expected the best from me so it was a pretty strict household. I wasn’t allowed to really have sleepovers, go hang out with friends, or really do anything outside haha. It was always “come to work with me,” “why do you hang out with your friends so much” and “why did you get a B?!” Lord, it was so hard pleasing my family! Don’t get me wrong… I was spoiled, had nice clothes and toy, I was given everything I wanted, and more! But as a kid, all I wanted was to like boys (totally unacceptable), go hang out with friends, and have sleepovers! This really pushed me to finish school early and move out. I felt really restricted so this pushed me to finish school early. Plus, my mother and I just got along way better when we weren’t living together.

With that being said, I finished high school early and graduated in three years. My counselor really objected against it and said that I was going to regret it later in life. Even on the day of my graduation he handed me my diploma and shook his head at me! Flash forward almost 10 years later and I can honestly say it was the BEST decision of my life. In college, I struggled the first semester figuring out what I wanted to do. I made the mistake of just doing General Education and not having a plan in college. I really just wanted the independence and to get out of the house. After some discussion with my best friend Kim, we decided we wanted to take on Speech-Pathology. My college years were rather interesting to say the least haha… I met a man twice my age and we dated for nearly three years. He was patient, successful, and caring.  People always asked me “how do you date someone so much older?” or “does the age difference bother you?”  I’m not going to lie… The age thing was so weird the first two weeks but we were crazy about each other so I didn’t really care. I moved in with him after about two month of dating and things were going great! We never fought, we went to nice places, and he was just the calm and zen influence I needed at the time. But that never stopped me from working. I worked six days a week to pay off school each semester and never asked him to pay for anything. He understood that and respected me for it. Something about saying “I was able to pay off college on my own” felt so freaking good! We were so crazy each other but towards the end I had my doubts and eventually things just sizzled out and we decided we didn’t have much in common anymore. I’m a pretty intense individual and I needed someone who understood me. He was just so zen, it didn’t mesh well with me anymore.


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Hey hey y’all! It’s Monday afternoon, I’ve now responded to about thirty emails and still in the process of planning Lemon Life Social’s Blogger Bazaar. If you guys follow me on Instagram and then you know how tedious and stressful it is! I really do feel like i’m planning a wedding in like 50 days. This event is going to be huge and I’m so excited to see how it turns out… It is stressing me the f*** out though. When i’m stressed, I turn to either baking/cooking as a form of therapy. That’s why I now have a huge loaf of warm banana bread in my kitchen.


In the midsts of my email frenzy, I decided to take a break and what did I do? Make banana bread because my bananas we’re about to go bad (FYI, it is best to consume bananas when they are overly ripe! AKA: HAS TONS OF SPOTS ON THEM!  Spotted bananas are so rich in antioxidants that they have been linked to cancer prevention. Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), which functions to destroy tumors, is linked to those brown dots. SOOOOOO brown bananas are actually freaking amazing for you!

This recipe was so easy and it took me less than ten minutes to prep everything and it took a total of about an hour to bake and prepare so I hope you enjoy it! Next time you see your overly ripe bananas sitting on the counter, DON’T throw it out! Make banana bread with it instead…



3 ripe mashed bananas
1/2 cup chocolate chips (or more if you’d like mwahaha)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 1/2 cups of flour
1/3 cup of melted butter
1 TSP of cinnamon
1 TSP of Baking Soda
1 TSP of vanilla extract
1 whisked egg
Dash of nutmeg
Pinch of salt


So we meet again y’all… I’ve been trying to cook everyday since Mike’s been home and this morning I woke up craving something citrusy. Is it weird that the first thing that comes to mind in the morning is what I’m going to be having for dinner? Then my mind starts wandering to lunch and breakfast. It’s really weird how it goes all backwards like that. Anyway, just know that majority of my thoughts throughout the day consist of “What kind of coffee am I getting today?” “What am I eating for a snack?” and “Should I have another latte? If so should it be hot or iced?” My mind is always thinking about FOOD!

After laying in bed for about two hours and procrastinating this morning, I decided to get up, clean, walk Kirra and did a little bit of food foraging to see what I could make for lunch. I probably had like 500 other things that I should have been doing instead but I decided I wanted to cook instead so cook I did. I saw lemons, risotto, salmon, and peas. That’s when the brilliant idea of a risotto with salmon came into play! I found some random herbs that I had in the fridge that I wanted to throw in so here comes the fun part. I probably used way too many unnecessary dishes but Mike was sweet enough to come home and clean up after me. We have this unspoken rule of one person cooking and the other doing the dishes and this system has seemed to work out very well for us the past few years. Any who! You’re here for the recipe so I won’t chit chat too much!



Hi guys! Have I mentioned that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day? Funny thing though… rarely do I ever eat breakfast. That is why I love “brunch” so much! Something about eating breakfast on a weekend that is just so freaking glorious. Before Mike left for all his training, I would cook all the time. But since he’s been gone, I hate doing dishes so I avoid cooking at all cost.

But now that he’s back, were trying to avoid going out so much so i’m going to start being a good fiancé and start cooking more! So I woke up this morning with the craziest craving for Avocado toast. I love A V O C A D O S so much and sorry but I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t love avocados. With that being said, can you guess what recipe i’m going to share with you today? Hehe AVOCADO TOAST OF COURSE! It’s so simple, it takes me less than ten minutes to put together and my man freaking loves it.




Hi guys! Iwanted to go on here today to talk to you guys a little about my new go-to product. If you’re like me, you HAVE to have your daily coffee first thing in the morning. However, if you’re not an avid coffee drinker and you’re still looking for that boost of energy (sans coffee) you have to try Hackamore’s Energy drink. I’ve been drinking it about 3-4 days a week for the past month and I really really love it. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my morning lattes but there are days where I need an extra boost of energy without gulping down an entire cup of coffee. This is the PERFECT substitute for those days!



Hi guys! Finally! I’ve been working on this portion of my San Diego guide for almost an entire year now. I’ve been to tons of restaurants and cafes and I’ve gathered for you some (this is obviously a guide that is a work-in-progress) of my FAVORITE places to go to! *please note, this is all based on my opinion and not a sponsored post* So glad that I can finally share with you guys all the places I go to get all my munchies!

Café Gratitude (Vegan/American)

  • Vegan Nachos  are hands down my favorite. I went an entire week where all I thought about were the nachos.
  • The enchiladas are so yummy!
  • Casual
  • Key lime pie
  • Iced matcha latte



Hey guys! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys! Last week, I was invited to go to Spa Kingston for a Valentine’s Day body treatment and facial. Let me tell you… It was seriously AMAZING. No, this is not sponsored. This is 100% my honest opinion about my little spa day experience.

Spa Kingston
is located in Bankers Hill, San Diego. They are a day-spa specializing in everything from body treatments, facials, to body-hair removal. The atmosphere of the spa is very relaxing and dare I say it? “Instagram Worthy!” I was instantly drawn to all the crystals that adorned the spa and the big white flower wall that’s located in the waiting area. Spa Kingston is basically spa GOALS.


Hey guys! I’ve been waiting all weekend to share with you guys these photos! Ahhh! I am so in love I can’t contain myself haha. So last week, Mike and I had the pleasure of taking photos with this amazing photographer duo: Lori and Matt of “Pretty Branch Photography“. They were seriously so amazing and we had a freaking blast with them! Lori had reached out to my on Instagram and asked if we wanted to do a free couples shoot with them. I’m always trying to get photos with Mike so of course I said yes. I thought it would be really cute to take Valentines Day photos to share with you guys. Matt and Lori were like Ying and Yang. She had a vision and he was there to capture it. It truly was a beautiful thing to witness. They were so easy going and directed/guided us the entire time (which I know Mike really appreciated since he NEVER gets his photos taken). I really recommend you guys checking out their work if you’re looking for engagement/wedding photos. Matt spent serious time editing these photos and it definitely showed! They sent me over 130 photos and I loved each and every one of them! So much so that I texted Lori immediately telling her that “I think I found my wedding photographers.” 

Anywhooooo with Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to do a little questionnaire with Mike to share with you guys a little bit about our relationship! I seriously laughed out loud when we did this. I tried my best to type it “word for word.” Enjoy you guys!

Describe your fiancé on your first date?
Him: You were soft spoken, um… *thinking* you were easy to converse with given the fact that it was a Wednesday, midnight, and there was no one around us…
Her: He was sweet. He was easy going… I couldn’t stop staring at his flip-flops hahaha



Hey guys! It’s been such a hectic few weeks and things are beginning to slow down and get back to normal. Ever since November, I’ve felt like I was on overdrive and have been in zombie mode since. We were running around trying to see family and friends in Texas, New York, and Virginia. Adding to the chaos, Mike had to leave immediately for three weeks in January did not help at all! Any who… I’ve been in a little slump since then and I decided to take a little break. Don’t get me wrong, I felt so blessed to be given the opportunities to work with amazing companies but I didn’t realize that I was starting to overload myself. Between work, blogging, and just everyday life, I started to get burnt out from all the social media stuff so I decided to take a social-media detox.

Being a blogger, it’s impossible for me to stay off social media… Which means I’m constantly looking at other influencers Instagram pictures. Constantly commenting and liking other peoples posts… It’s nearly impossible to not compare yourself to others that you see on there. Sadly, we are ALL guilty of comparing ourselves to others that we see on TV, magazines, and social media. What you all should know though is that what I post is only a glimpse of my life. I want to post pictures that I feel best showcases my day. What you don’t see is the stress, anxiety, and sadness that’s going on inside. That’s why it’s so important for me to share with you guys that I struggle with insecurities and deal with constant stressors like everyone else. I don’t want to perceive this fake and “perfect” life on social media because that’s just not realistic.

During the holidays, I was go go go and it was so difficult keeping up with my blog and Instagram. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know… This girl is complaining about taking pictures and wearing pretty clothes. Ridiculous right? No. I’m not going to lie; it’s a lot of work! But that’s another blog post for another day. As I was saying… I found myself becoming more stressed every time I clicked on that little Instagram app. The more I looked at it (which was about 30 times a day) the more I started comparing myself to other influencers on Instagram. There are just so many beautiful influencers on IG that you can’t help but compare yourself to them. Comparison is seriously the devil! Crazy thoughts started running through my head… Like why does she look better in the top? Why is my engagement level so low? Why didn’t I get this many likes on this picture? When will I ever get to go there? Bla bla bla… Blogging was supposed to be a fun and creative outlet for me but instead it was slowly tearing me apart. I started doubting myself and felt that my content wasn’t good enough.   It just wasn’t healthy anymore so I needed to just stop and take a little time to revaluate my life and to enjoy the people around me.